Flight Across the US and Bahamas

Part 2 - The Bahamas to California

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4/17/08: Connor, Dan and Paul on our first dive.

4/17/08: Peacock flounder

4/17/08: Nice reef.

4/17/08: Grouper

4/17/08: Trumpetfish

4/17/08: Sand diver

4/18/08: Sea turtle

4/18/08: Sea turtle

4/18/08: Reef

4/18/08: Jim just hanging around...

4/18/08: Caribbean Reef Shark

4/18/08: Blue parrotfish and a school of horse eye jack

4/18/08: Caribbean Reef Shark

4/18/08: Dan swimming with the jack

4/18/08: Dan watching the shark

4/18/08: Caribbean Reef Shark

4/18/08: Stingray foraging in the sand

4/18/08: The view from the hotel room

4/18/08: The view from the hotel room

4/19/08: Spiny lobster

4/19/08: Jim and Dan on the Sea Star 2 wreck

4/19/08: Dan on the wreck

4/19/08: The rudder and propeller

4/19/08: Jim on the wreck

4/19/08: Sea Star 2 wreck

4/19/08: Spotted moray

4/19/08: The bow of the Sea Star 2

4/19/08: Big grouper

4/19/08: Moonrise over the ocean as seen from our balcony

4/19/08: The infinity pool and swim-up bar at the hotel.

4/20/08: Theo's Wreck

4/20/08: Jim, Paul, and Dan

4/20/08: Nice shallow reef dive

4/20/08: Stoplight parrotfish

4/20/08: Reef

4/20/08: A brittlestar

4/20/08: Staghorn coral (or is it Elkhorn? I forget...)

4/20/08: Another nice moonrise

4/21/08: Another nice reef

4/21/08: Yellow stingray

4/21/08: Queen trigger

4/21/08: Queen angelfish

4/21/08: Dan and I enjoyed a nice lunch of fresh lobster tail and beer at Billy Joe's shack on the beach.

4/22/08: Departing Freeport bound for the US.

4/22/08: Leaving West End, Grand Bahama behind and heading out over the ocean.

4/22/08: Landfall in the US - my hometown of Palm Beach.

4/22/08: Palm Beach

4/22/08: Palm Beach and Peanut Island

4/22/08: Cape Canaveral: Space Shuttle launch pads, landing strip, and Vehicle Assembly Building.

4/22/08: Big thunderstorms on the way into New Orleans.

4/22/08: One of the bridges destroyed by Katrina being rebuilt.

4/22/08: Short final in to New Orleans Lakefront airport.

4/22/08: We beat the weather to the airport.

4/22/08: The courtyard at our hotel, The W Bourbon French Quarter

4/22/08: Dinner at The Gumbo Shop

4/22/08: Bourbon Street

4/23/08: A big church in New Orleans.

4/23/08: Thunderstorms on departure from New Orleans

4/23/08: Dodging thunderstorms

4/23/08: More thunderstorms

4/24/08: After a *wonderful* time in Austin again, we depart from Taylor Muni bound for Tucson.

4/24/08: Heading towards our fuel stop.

4/24/08: Fuel stop in exciting Pecos, TX.

4/24/08: The deserts of New Mexico.

4/25/08: Titan Missile Museum: the missile launch room.

4/25/08: Titan Missile Museum: The cableway between the launch room and the missile

4/25/08: Titan Missile Museum: the Titan missile

4/25/08: Titan Missile Museum: the silo.

4/25/08: Titan Missile Museum: external antennas

4/25/08: Titan Missile Museum: The exit.

4/25/08: Titan missile and silo

4/25/08: Departing Tucson International

4/25/08: Crossing the Colorado River westbound.

4/25/08: The Hollywood sign

4/25/08: Downtown Los Angeles

4/26/08: Our last meal together: breakfast at the rooftop pool of our hotel.

4/26/08: Santa Monica on departure.

4/26/08: Home!


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