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  • Space Shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad, ready for launch the next day. width:800;;height:603
  • Jim at the launch pad. width:536;;height:800
  • Jerry and Jim at the launch pad. width:599;;height:800
  • At the Endeavour launch pad with a shuttle astronaut. width:505;;height:800
  • Tour of the Shuttle main engine servicing facility. width:800;;height:600
  • Jim at the Shuttle main engine processing facility.  "Can I get one of those for my Cherokee?" width:800;;height:600
  • The Vehicle Assembly Building width:800;;height:600
  • Jim at the Vehicle Assembly Building width:599;;height:800
  • At the Shuttle Landing Facility.  In sight are the T-38 jets flown in by the astronauts as well as the Gulfstream II Shuttle Training Aircraft. width:800;;height:457
  • Jim at the Saturn V visitor center. width:800;;height:600
  • Jerry at the Saturn V visitor center. width:800;;height:600
  • At the Banana Creek viewing site, waiting for the launch. width:800;;height:600
  • Waiting for the launch.  Space Shuttle Endeavour is 3.8 miles away. width:800;;height:600
  • ...and counting... width:800;;height:526
  • Jerry: "Does this clock make me look fat?" width:800;;height:600
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